What is it?

St. Jude’s Wilmington Foundation, Inc. was established to provide financial support to the ministries, as well as the Mission and Vision, of St. Jude Metropolitan Community Church.

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Contributions: Methods & Advantages

The Foundation accepts gifts and donations in many forms. There are potential advantages to each. There can also be tax and estate issues to consider as well.

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Grants & Scholarships

The Foundation provides grants and scholarships to help support the ministries of St. Jude MCC, and to members of the community whose values are in alignment with those of the Foundation and church. View a partial recipient list or apply for a grant or scholarship here.

How is this gift different?

St. Jude’s Wilmington Foundation and St. Jude MCC are separate entities. Gifts to each are separate as well.

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Contact the Foundation

Board Members are happy to answer any question you may have. The Board also accepts requests for Grants and Scholarships.